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2007 Industrial Design student – Working in the graduation project.
2001 Bachelor, Centro de educacion media nº 17 Patagonia

Professional experience
2007 Aromas del Sur spices company corporate designing proyect
2007 audilent optics, Furniture and interior design for the eyewear company.
2006 fruit scaling
2006 Patagonia Dog’s Nutrition company corporate designing proyect
2006 3W refrigeration company corporate designing proyect
2005 La Vallee tourism corporate designing proyect
2005 D. Sergio transport company corporate designing proyect
2004 development of “dp”, corporative gifts proyect (clients as Mycom, Ecofrut, Santarelli S.A.)
2003/2004 worked at the Dinamo Crea arquitecture studio.
2003 DP design company corporate designing proyect
2003 Santarelli S.A’s signal design for the packing area.
2002 Audilent eyewear company corporate designing proyect.

2005 Unilever contest finalist – dressing sauce packaging category


Academic experience
2007 Auxiliar in the Industrial Design topic, Industrial Design Carreer, Facultad de Arquitectura, urbanismo y Diseño, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.
2006 Auxiliar in the Morfology topic, Facultad de Arquitectura, urbanismo y Diseño, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.

2004 selected for the FAUDI’s 50 years aniversary publication as second year’s outstanding project

Spanish: Mother language.
Portughese: intermediate
English: basic

Informatics knowledge
Operative systems: D.O.S.; Windows.
Skills in graphics and design softwares, 3-d modeling and rendering, multimedia development and video editing.

Other courses
2004 Scale Modeling Course, Tecnics and Tools usement in Industrial Design.
2004 Scale Modeling, smelting aluminium models and plastic modeling tecnics
2003 Transforma SEMA 2nd international morfology congress
2007 “Design’s social function” by Jorge Frascara (certificated assistance)

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